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QuickBooks comes up loaded with a lot of features and tools to make the bookkeeping procedure easy and convenient in a business. But at the same time, some issues and bugs are also attached to the features as well. Amongst the diagnosed issues related to QuickBooks data files and network, QuickBooks unrecoverable error -6123, 0 is undoubtedly one of them.

Today, with latest QuickBooks 2017 on Windows 10 PC, the issue has been found to be more common and much irritating with some odd behaviors. QuickBooks unrecoverable error on windows 10 PC does have somehow the same reasons, excluding some odd ones, which you can handle using the following tips. There is no need to worry if you encounter the QuickBooks unrecoverable error 2017 on your advanced computer system—contact technicians and remove the error in just a few minutes.

Regardless of its advanced and high-end tools, QuickBooks can technically end up causing messy errors due to some technical errors. You must have witnessed such sorts of situations if you have been using the software program for years in your business. Though the QuickBooks unrecoverable error code does contain all the details, however you must rush to a reliable QuickBooks customer service center to get a real time QuickBooks help and support services to get rid of the error.

For more details on how to fix QuickBooks unrecoverable error, you may visit the official page or some other reliable customer support link support.quickbooks.intuit.com to know more about some contemporary tips.

The QuickBooks error code 6123 may take place due to several reasons, but they are limited to the technical reasons that are mentioned below:

  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when paying bills
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when exporting to excel
  • QuickBooks excel could not open the data file
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when opening file
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when Closing any open window in a company file
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when saving transactions
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when closing a company file
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when opening a new window in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when backing up your QuickBooks data files
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error when logging in

These are some important errors that are related to some key activities in your QuickBooks. However, some other specific conditions are also there in place, which can take you through the QuickBooks 2017 unrecoverable error.

How to fix QuickBooks unrecoverable errors:

Unrecoverable error in QuickBooks related to the QuickBooks data file happens to the accounting program with a slew of QuickBooks error codes such as 00000 14775, 00227 55008, 00551 46274, and to name a few.  

To fix the unrecoverable error in QuickBooks, you need to implement some verified QuickBooks troubleshooting tips so as to get rid of the errors in a real time. Whatever QuickBooks error message you confront in your accounting program, you should immediately go for a real-time solution to resolve the error immediately.

Apart from the official helpdesk, there are some reliable Intuit QuickBooks Professionals support service providers who offer a real-time QuickBooks live support to help users in resolving QuickBooks unrecoverable error.

Identify the users who are affected by the error:

First of all, before you implement QuickBooks professional support tips, you would better find out those users who have been affected by the unrecoverable errors. Sometimes, the users’ credentials get damaged and it results in unnecessary QuickBooks unrecoverable errors. In such conditions, you can rebuild the users’ credentials.

If a regular user profile has been damaged, then you can set up users through the Company > Users > Set Up Users and Roles. You can follow the instructions and set up your user credential easily.

Reduce the number of start-up applications in QuickBooks:

QuickBooks opens up some start-up applications when you open the accounting program. And over the period, it ends up causing some unnecessary errors. You may also check out whether the start-up applications are causing QuickBooks unrecoverable error -6123, 0 in the accounting program.

  • Open QuickBooks with double-clicking while pressing the Alt key on the keyboard
  • Release the key when you see a prompt window for the user password
  • Use the password to log into QuickBooks and press Alt key again
  • It will show you some applications—you may close them or click “Close All Windows” in the program

Try out opening a sample file:

Once you complete the process, you may now check out by opening a sample file in QuickBooks. You can open a sample file through the following procedures:

  • Press the Ctrl key while you open QuickBooks file
  • Keep on pressing the key until it shows you an option “No Company Open”
  • Now click “Open a Sample File”

If the opening sample file doesn’t show you a prompt window to initiate the update process, you should move to another step for the QuickBooks customer help.

Change the QuickBooks file location:

Changing the QuickBooks data file location or QuickBooks backup file location can also help you get rid of the irritating unrecoverable error. It’s an important process to repair any damaged elements in your QuickBooks data files. Here’re the steps:

  • Open the file folder and use the Locate tool to find out .qbw files
  • Copy the file and paste the same on your desktop
  • Open QuickBooks with pressing Ctrl key and click on Open to select the file that you have saved on the desktop

If the file is not opening or it is showing some error codes, then you should go for the data recovery process to repair the damaged files. You may use a dedicated tool Auto Data Recovery to restore the company files flawlessly.

Update QuickBooks:

Lastly, it comes to updating QuickBooks to the latest edition. Most of the errors can easily be resolved by simply updating the accounting program using latest tools and features. Go to Help options and select Update QuickBooks. You can now click the option and it will start downloading new features and updates.

The new updates might fix corrupted data file in QuickBooks automatically as some new updated features can help you find the damaged elements easily without any delay. QuickBooks desktop company files are always exposed to some certain errors that lead to the unrecoverable problems in QuickBooks over the period.

Bank reconciliation issue:

On the other hand, some of the unrecoverable error codes are also encountered during the bank reconciliation process. It is necessary to understand how to process bank reconciliation in QuickBooks. It is easy and convenient to take on, however you must be aware of some possible QuickBooks bank reconciliation problems that may happen to the accounting program at any moment during the reconciliation process.

Before you implement the steps to reconcile a bank statement in QuickBooks, it is necessary to know how to complete bank reconciliation from the experts. As mentioned, you may call QuickBooks support or visit a reliable and authentic Intuit help website to know about the technical procedures. You may also get through some other procedures related to the reconciliation steps such as: how to print bank reconciliation from QuickBooks, QuickBooks bank reconciliation report, reconciling bank statements in QuickBooks, etc.  

Get verified solutions from the experts:

Instead of trying out the troubleshooting procedures on your own, you would better call QuickBooks support number and find out QuickBooks 24/7 Support from the experts. It is always necessary to use QuickBooks contact number for a real-time and effective QuickBooks help and support services.

Some of the reliable independent QuickBooks online customer support service providers are offering their solutions to help the QuickBooks users in a real time. You may also try our QuickBooks technical support Canada from some reliable experts.

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