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How to Fix QuickBooks PDF Issues

When using QuickBooks on Windows 8.1 PC, users come through several irritating issues – QuickBooks could not create PDF is one among the irksome issues that can be experienced at any moment in time. PDF related problems are not limited to generating invoices or other relevant documents; rather the issue can also develop technical hurdles in the way when you try to send them through the assigned email account. Since the accounting program sends invoices or reports automatically using the default email program, but the task is completed only after converting the forms into PDF format. Therefore, all those tasks that are related to PDF would be hurdled severely. Although, Windows 8.1 has already been infamous for causing unnecessary technical incompatibility issues with QuickBooks accounting program.

Sometimes, you come through the issue when the installed programs start creating incompatibility issues with QuickBooks. It is often found that some outdated programs remain incompatible until they are updated. So, when you see an error message that QuickBooks won’t create PDF on your computer system, you would better check out whether any program installed on your PC is outdated.

Here are some basic solutions that you may implement on your QuickBooks to fix the issue:

  • Remove the cookies and temporary files
  • Update the encrypted page set up
  • If there is any PDF add-ons installed in the web browser, you may switch onto Adobe PDF
  • Turn off the pop-up
  • Set up Adobe Acrobat as a default application to open your PDF files

In addition to these basic troubleshooting procedures, you may also consider using QuickBooks PDF repair tool to resolve the issue in a real time without any flaw.

On the other hand, it has also been found that the QuickBooks PDF converter windows 8.1 has also worked out perfectly in some conditions. But the PDF converter can help you only when there is no other issue with the company data files. Since the infected data files are the major reason for such problems in QuickBooks, you should, first of all, repair your company files before you start implement the PDF converter tool.

Other than these points, sometimes, you may also have to check out whether the PDF converter is activated. If the component required for PDF print from QuickBooks is missing or it is deactivated on your Windows 8.1 PC, then the issue would keep on popping up on the computer screen.

So, there are so many reasons and conditions why such issues hit your accounting program unnecessarily. Take care of all elements and components if you don’t want to come through such technical obstacles in days to come.

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