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While filing QuickBooks Payroll tax, you must be careful as it is exposed to some certain errors that may happen at all moments. The process of filing taxes and other liabilities contains some technical procedures that are required to be handled with care for always.

Payroll can be termed to be one of the biggest outlays for a business so handing it in a right way is always required. By paying your employees and filing taxes for the same will help you avoid a slew of inconveniences in your business operation. But having an issue in QuickBooks Payroll taxes is never predicted—you would better stay aware of the fact that the process can potentially develop some sorts of errors over the period.

QuickBooks Payroll tax support from the experts has made it quite possible for the users to resolve Payroll tax errors in a perfect way. You may contact them through their toll-free QuickBooks Payroll support contact number and learn the process how to setup Payroll taxes in QuickBooks.

One of the most common issues in Payroll taxes is that the users rarely make use of the Pay Payroll Liabilities feature during the process. Most of the users have been found to have using Write Checks or Enter/Pay Bill functions to record or to pay the taxes. Consequently, the error may have reasoned due to improper tax filing process. It is necessary for a business to understand how to use QuickBooks to pay Payroll taxes in accordance with their businesses.

Here are some reasons why your QuickBooks Payroll errors take place:

  • Payroll Liabilities may have a higher figure than what you estimated
  • Payroll Tax Expense may be higher than you projected
  • Bank account balance may have incorrect entries

These are the key reasons why your QuickBooks Payroll functionalities go wrong when you start managing liabilities of your business. Apart from these, some other advanced reasons have also been identified in some circumstances.

Whenever such issue starts developing, Intuit would inform you using warning errors. You will see some warning windows on your computer system, pointing towards the Payroll tax errors.

The moment you come through a warning on the computer screen, you would better contact QuickBooks Payroll support to get rid of the issues in QuickBooks Payroll tax forms and update. There is no alternative to the QuickBooks enhanced Payroll support in such cases as the technicians can offer you an all-inclusive solution right from the QuickBooks support to the technical instructions on how to pay Payroll taxes in QuickBooks.

How to fix QuickBooks Payroll errors:

Locate the incorrectly paid payroll liabilities:

To file the wrong liabilities, Intuit allows you to find the payroll liabilities using an advanced Incorrectly Paid Payroll Liabilities tool. You can make a change in the recorded liabilities so as to troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll problems. Sometimes, you find the some checks and bills recorded in the payroll liabilities, but it is still to be cleared by bank. In such cases, you may void the transactions by using a dedicated tool. It will also help your get rid of the conditions when you find QuickBooks not calculating Payroll taxes appropriately.

You may dial QuickBooks contact phone number or visit the official help page at www.Payroll.intuit.com to understand how to file your Payroll tax forms in QuickBooks correctly.

Clearing the due liabilities of yesterdays:

It can be resolved in other way as well—you should clear out all the old liabilities so as to make sure there is only current liability recorded in the payroll. Before you implement support for QuickBooks or you contact QuickBooks by phone, it is necessary to check if the identified liabilities are paid off. You can select the liabilities in the window and then click View/Pay button.

Here, it will open up a window that that you would show you all the recorded liabilities—you may check them and clear out the due liabilities accurately.

Locating non-payroll elements:

There is a possibility that the payroll window may have incorrect elements. Before you start paying the liabilities, it is necessary to verify the amount. There is an instant QuickBooks helpline phone number that you can use to get an access to the experts for a real time solution. As mentioned above, the Intuit QuickBooks customer service is accessible round the clock through a toll-free Intuit support phone number to get an instant solution for the error you are facing in QuickBooks payroll tax filing process.

Creating payroll liability checks in QuickBooks:

Once you identify the errors and come out with a robust resolution for your QuickBooks Payroll, it is necessary to make sure now to create payroll liability checks using all the advanced troubleshooting process. You should use all the important tools like QuickBooks intuit Payroll tax calculator to get an exact figure of the QuickBooks payroll liabilities. The system allows you to do the things through Employees > Employee Center > Payroll tab and then select the relevant Payment Activities > Adjust Payroll Liabilities.

For more details, go for QuickBooks desktop support by dialing a toll-free Intuit support phone number at all the moments while troubleshooting the errors in payroll liabilities. Some of the experienced professionals are offering their QuickBooks software support services to get rid of the error in a real time. With a number of dedicated professionals available with their QuickBooks Premium support services at QuickBooks support center, you can avoid the error flawlessly in a real time.

On the other hand, you should also get through the official QuickBooks Payroll taxes tutorial at the Payroll Official Support Website support.quickBooks.intuit where you can easily get all the solutions without any error.       


It’s always necessary to make sure you have a direct access to reliable access to the QuickBooks 24/7 Support center for QuickBooks live support so as to get rid of the errors instantly. You must not take it for granted as the payroll liabilities are the most important things that should always be handled carefully with the help of QuickBooks phone number tech support technicians.

Contact Intuit QuickBooks support for a real-time solution to QuickBooks Payroll taxes errors in a real time. QuickBooks Payroll support services can easily be availed from both officials and independent QuickBooks online Canada support professionals.

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